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 Windows 10 Anniversary Update (posted 16 Aug 2016)

For those with Windows 10 on their computers, a very large update has been available for a month or so. It will eventually automatically download on to your computer, or you can download it at a more convenient time beforehand. Be aware that the update is basically a new operating system, so is quite large … 3GB in fact. So those on a slow connection or small download allowance need to be aware of this. Even on a reasonably fast connection, the update takes several hours to install.

Be aware also that those with Windows installed on a solid state disk, the update may cause your computer to freeze.

Those with professional and the like editions of Windows 10 may be able to defer the update for several months. Those with the Home edition can’t defer, unless you want to fiddle with WiFi settings. I have updated five computers to the Anniversary edition so far, and haven’t had any problems. It does take a while though.

PowerPoint Hints and Tips part 2 (posted 16 Aug 2016)

This workshop on Wednesday 24th August at 9am only has small numbers at present, so for those attending, bring along your laptops and we will build a PowerPoint presentation from scratch. If we have time, I could answer any other queries you may have, e.g. on Excel or Windows 10.

Needed – a computer wizz and a good organiser (posted 31 July 2016)

The committee is keen on more than one person knowing how to perform the various roles that keep our wonderful U3A going. Call it succession planning, if you like. I have developed and maintained this web site from the very beginning, so it is time for some fresh input. You don’t have to be a programmer, just have a logical mind and have some common sense. Google and YouTube will help with the rest!

Similarly, Jane has been our courses co-ordinator for a long time. This is the most important job in our U3A! We have developed  an Excel program to make the job a lot easier and there is an excellent courses sub-committee, so it isn’t as hard or time consuming as it used to be. If you would like to take this role on, please contact Jane or any member of the committee. Ditto for the webmaster role.

French classes (posted 31 July 2016)

There will be a break in the French classes while Mitzi will be away,  from 23rd August to Tuesday, 13th September, when classes will resume.

Botanical Gardens visit in Cairns (posted 16 July 2016)

We are no longer travelling from Atherton to Cairns by bus as we did not reach numbers to make the bus viable.  Therefore, we are now meeting at the gardens in Cairns.   For all you gardening enthusiasts and nature lovers, or those just wanting a nice day out in great company, please be at the Cairns Botanical Gardens by 10am.   You can take your own picnic lunch or buy at the garden cafe. An optional guided tour is also available for $5 and we need to know if you wish to do this when you enrol.  More details under the Gardens category.

Anyone wanting to go, please email Jane (click the following link) courses coordinator or phone 40 966 693, by the 10th August at the latest.

Being Smart with your Smartphone – Part 2 (posted 7 July 2016)

This is a refresher course for those still dazed and confused by the first one and those who missed out, plus some new information on taking photos and sharing and storing photos between your phone and computer.

There will also be some tips on using everyone’s saviour, Google! Hopefully this will be slower paced and more hands on than the first course, so please bring your smartphones.

See the Computers and Technology section under Courses for further details and to register.

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