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No French Class on Tuesday 17th & 24th May (posted 14 May 16)

Mitzi is ill and we have cancelled Tuesday’s class on 17th or 24th May.  Mitzi is doing well and should be back on Tuesday 31st May.

No Italian Class on Tuesday 24th May (posted 14 May 16)

Due to a dental appointment that cannot be changed, there will be no Italian class on Tuesday 24th May.

Home Remedies Course by Kaye Sehm at Tolga CWA Hall 2nd-6th May (posted 27 April 16)

I have put details of these talks onto the Non-U3A Activities page, together with contact numbers if you require more information or to book.

PICNIC IN THE PARK (posted 25 April 16)

Bring a picnic lunch to share, something to drink and a chair.  As part of Seniors Week, U3AAT is organising a picnic lunch on Saturday, 13th August starting at 11am.    Come along, bring a friend, everyone is welcome.  Venue is Tinaroo, on boat ramp road, just past the pontoon and turn right.

OPEN DAY FOR 2ND SEMESTER – FRIDAY, 15TH JULY, ROOM 22 AT 9.30AM-12NOON (posted 25 April 16)

Come along to U3AAT’s 2nd semester social gathering.  Meet the new committee, some presenters and other members.      Find out about our talks & activities for the next six months and gather information you may need.   Perhaps you have some knowledge or hobby you would like to share with other members.   Please let us know.  Morning tea is provided.

Venue for Qigong Shibashi in Atherton on Thursday 18th August will change due to wedding function (posted 17 Apr 16)

Hallorans Hill venue is booked for a wedding on Thursday 18th August.  Lesley is endeavouring to find another venue for that day and will advise participants when this is resolved.

U3A Norfolk Island (posted 16th April)

Norfolk Island has a unique U3A that operates in association with a travel agent. The idea is to go over there and make a presentation, along with wine, cheese and assorted nibblies, and in return, be shown about the place. If you are thinking about visiting, have a look at the U3A web site first http://norfolkisland.u3anet.org.au/ and contact them.

By the way, this is just what our web site looked like when we first started.

Cairns U3A courses (posted 16th April)

The Cairns U3A has had a new beginning, with a new web site. There are some interesting courses which we have reciprocal rights to attend. Note there is a fee of $3 per class, whereas ours are free. Also note they have a Friday Luncheon Club, which sounds like a good one to join in. Check out the Cairns U3A web site under “Links to other sites” for further details.

Classical Music in Atherton for Thursday 21st April is being deferred (posted 13 April 2016)

As Herman will be in Sydney on this date, we are cancelling the Classical Music session on Thursday, 21st April.  The next meeting will now be Thursday, 19th May, 2pm at the Uniting Church in Atherton.

Welcome new committee (posted 10th April)

At the recent AGM, several of our hard-working committee stood aside to give others a chance to take our U3A even further forward. Very many thanks to them and especially  Helen Myles and Pamela Jones for the wonderful work they did over the last year and more.

Best wishes to new President Barbara Whybird, Secretary Fran Herriott, Treasurer Elspeth Turner, Membership Secretary Mary Lyle and new committee members Helen Irvine, Bill Bray and Ros Ludwig, plus the continuing committee members. The full committee can be seen under “Contact us”.

Culinary Delights (posted 4th April)

Our Culinary Delights group is full and we can’t presently take any more into that group.  However, if you are interested in joining a 2nd group, please enrol, or let me know directly,  and I will start another waitlist and keep you informed.  The group is limited to 10 members so that you can meet in respective homes and the numbers aren’t too much to cope with.  It is a wonderful group that meets once a month to share recipes, perhaps morning tea or lunch, and generally comes up with great ideas for themes on food.

Latest Newsletter just out (posted 29th March)

Our newspaper editor Geoff has done it again with a lively and very interesting newsletter. For those who haven’t read it yet, you can do so by going to the Newsletters section. As Geoff wrote, news changes fast. The agreement whereby U3A members could sit in on James Cook Uni courses is currently being renegotiated, as the previous coordinator has resigned. We will let you know when U3A members are again allowed to attend JCU courses.

Demystifying Alzheimer’s and Dementia – everything you ever wanted to know (posted 25th March)

So many of us experience anxiety because we forget a name, or what we were doing two minutes ago. Does that mean we have Alzheimer’s? Now is the chance to learn about the facts and myths surrounding memory loss and the different forms of dementia. It is not easy for the sufferer or carer, but a better understanding goes a long way to making things easier for both.

Prue Mellor, a specialist clinical nurse on dementia, will present the latest research and care strategies during two sessions in Mareeba and two in Malanda on 19th and 20th April. These free sessions are not U3AAT sponsored but are advertised here as a community service. Reservations are required by 8th April. See the non-U3AAT activities section under Courses for further details.

Successful Ageing Research: Your valued input is required! (posted 22 Feb 2016)

Associate Professor Peter Reaburn from CQ University is conducting research on the health benefits of master’s sport for older Australian adults. Now he is looking for less physically active older adults to complete an online survey. Specifically he is looking for people who: are over 40 years old, relatively physically inactive and do not train for, or play, sport regularly.

The survey asks about your perceptions of your own physical activity levels, your physical, mental and social health, and your demographic (age, gender etc.) profile. The survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. No names are identified and all results are anonymous and confidential. The study has CQ University Ethics Committee approval.

The survey and an Information Sheet can be found by clicking here.

Change of dates for Ken Cotterill’s Mystery Talks (posted 21 February 2016)

As Ken is busy in April with plays, we have moved Ken’s talks from April to 13, 20th & 27th July.  We are starting off with three interesting topics.  Check the History & Culture category.

New talks on the website (posted 21 February 2016)

David Turnbull is presenting a series of talks on “The Getting of Wisdom”.  First talk will be at 10am Thursday, 2nd June, in Room 22 and The first talk in the course will set the scene by introducing two major thinkers from Greek antiquity: Zeno and Aristotle.  More details under the Community and Ethics Category.

Smartphones and computers (posted 14 Feb 2016)

No doubt about it, we are in the digital age. Increasingly, many everyday things can only be done over the internet. Airline ticketing and even banking are rapidly approaching this point. Our generation did not grow up with this technology, but it is vital that we know how to use it. As a result of feedback during our recent very successful Open Day, we are offering a session on smartphones and another on computers. See the Computers section under Courses for details. Note these will start at 9am, not 10am as previously listed.

Research on mobile communication between grandparents and grandchildren (posted 14 Feb 2016)

The U3A Online is publicising a research project entitled, “Mobile communication technology between grandparents and grandchildren separated by distance: mediating emotions and building a meaningful relationship.” The separation of families across geographic distance decreases opportunities for face-to-face contact and communication, making it difficult for grandparents and grandchildren to maintain their relationship. This study investigates how digital communication tools might support relationship building between grandparents and teenage grandchildren, especially through the sharing of experiences and emotions.

For further information, visit the U3A Online website which can be found under the Links page. While there, have a look at the courses on offer and other information there. Instructions on enrolling in any course can be found in the non-U3AAT activities tab.

Health Courses in 2016 (posted 11th Feb 2016)

As yet we do not have any health lectures or courses for 2016. Nevertheless, you can help yourself to some potentially life-saving information which can be found under Health and Wellbeing. The subjects are Stroke and Heart Attack.

Did you know that if you were to have a stroke or heart attack in the city (and it was less than half hour for you to get to a major hospital), your prognosis is so much better compared to living on the Atherton Tablelands and being at least an hour away from a major hospital (Cairns). The reason is that for strokes you can get a CT scan and be given anti-clotting medication within an hour. And for heart attacks, an interventional cardiologist can do an angiogram on you and mechanically unblock the clot in your heart … hopefully within 90 minutes from the onset of pain. Time to hospital is so important in these scenarios, so you need to recognise the symptoms immediately.

My daughter is a doctor and has provided the above information as well as the posters on recognising the symptoms of Stroke and Heart Attack. She instructed me to make sure all my “over 60” friends read this information, so please do, under Courses, Health and Wellbeing.

Mentoring of Atherton High students by U3AAT members (posted 8 Feb 2016)

We are working with the Atherton High School to foster not only learning support for students, but also we hope to enhance their life skills and provide extension activities.  An email was sent to all members seeking participation in this project. In case the email attachment couldn’t be opened, it is available in pdf format by clicking here. This document really says it all.

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