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This page will be updated regularly, so please check back. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay active!

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Latest Covid Wave and Masks (posted 4 Aug 22)

Many of you will no doubt have been caught up in the latest Covid wave sweeping the nation and especially our area. I know I have had a good dose! At our last committee meeting, it was decided to continue to follow the Qld government’s Covid health directives, as we have done consistently throughout this pandemic (see post below from 15 April).

The wearing of masks at U3A talks and activities is not compulsory. However, the U3AAT committee strongly recommends that attendees do wear a mask when in close proximity to other members, at least until the current wave passes.

Please, If you have any symptoms of a cold, the flu or Covid, stay home and get tested!


Useful Links page currently unavailable (posted 23 Jul 22)

We had a page with many very useful links to other sites that for some reason was blanked out, so is currently unavailable. I am looking into it and hopefully will have it back soon.

Volunteers required for Health Research Projects (posted 23 Jul 22)

This is not a U3A activity but may interest many of you with arthritis. The University of Melbourne’s Centre for Health, Exercise and Sports Medicine (CHESM) asks regularly for people like us to volunteer to participate in its research projects. This is extracted from its web site:

CHESM is committed to improving the wellbeing of all people through musculoskeletal research. By participating in a research study, you are helping researchers improve existing treatments and find new approaches which could benefit someone close to you and the community at large.

Calls are currently being made for volunteers with chronic hip and knee pain. Further information can be found here.

Course Updates (posted 21 Jun)

This Announcement page and Courses information on this web site is intended to be informative, precise and current. For more specific information on any subject area, for example, the next topic up for discussion in the Friday Forum or current book to read for the book clubs, please visit our Facebook page (see link above). By the way, the Friday Forum topic at 10am on 1st July is “Endangered Species”. That should generate some lively discussion!


Class attendance and Covid change (posted 16 Apr 2022)

On 14th April, the Qld Government relaxed the requirement that only fully vaccinated people be allowed at indoor venues such as ours. Your committee had a quick email discussion and all agreed to follow the government recommendation.

Until the rules change (again!), any U3A member, whether vaccinated or not, will be welcome to attend our events. Feel free to wear a mask if you still wish to do so.

If you have any symptoms of the flu or Covid, stay home and get tested. If you have Covid, Isolate for seven days or longer if symptoms persist. After finishing isolation, when you leave your house during the next seven days, wear a face mask, including whenever you are indoors, or when you’re outdoors but can’t socially distance.

Lifting Australia’s digital capability (posted 12 Apr 2022)

In an increasingly digital world, being able to communicate online with family and friends, operate ‘smart’ devices, and store data safely and securely are among the important skills needed. The NBN has developed a tool to test your current capabilities and help to improve them. This tool is called the nbn Digital Capability Tool, otherwise known as OSCAR (Online Skills Check and Resource). It only takes a few minutes to complete. Have a look by clicking here.

The site has some very useful information. One worth reading if you do a lot of video chatting, e.g. skyping with the grandkids or videoconferencing with your doctor, is the video troubleshooting guide on this page.

There is also a webinar for U3A members about the OSCAR program at 10am on Wednesday 15 June. I will post more information about this as it becomes available.

Storing medical e-scripts on your phone (posted 13 Mar 2022)

These days many consultations with your doctor are held over the phone, not face to face. As a result, you no longer get a paper prescription, unless it is emailed to your pharmacy. You receive an email with a link to your script.

I have put a tech tip together to explain how to store these electronic scripts on your smartphone. See under Tech Tips.