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This page will be updated regularly, so please check back. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay active!

To enrol in any of the courses listed above, click HERE. Otherwise, go to the relevant Courses page from the menu above. Please note that you will not receive a confirmation email when you enrol.  Once you have submitted the enrolment form, just turn up for whatever event you have enrolled in.

Classical Music Appreciation Group in 2022 (posted 24 Jan 2022)

Unfortunately, Herman Soenario is unable to continue with hosting the Classical Music Appreciation Group in 2022.  If there are any U3A members who would like to take over as host for this group, can you please contact Jane at coursesu3aat@gmail.com

Open Day postponed (posted 10 Jan 2022)

Because of the rapidly changing COVID infection rate and uncertainty about rules and restrictions, the committee has decided to postpone the Open Day scheduled for Saturday 29th January. The new date depends on the Covid situation.

COVID latest (posted 10 Jan 2022)

The Covid situation is rapidly changing in Queensland (and in the rest of Australia). To get the latest accurate information, visit the Qld Health website by clicking here. This site also has a link to a very simple form for reporting a positive Rapid Antigen Test result, but if you are in a hurry, click 😳 and it will open the form for you.

The Queensland Covid phone hotline is 134 COVID (13 42 68) if you can’t find what you are looking for online. If you ring this number via a mobile phone, the very helpful person answering can send you a text if necessary.

If you have any other queries or concerns, the National Coronavirus and COVID-19 vaccine helpline is 1800 020 080

Attending JCU Cairns courses (posted 30 Dec 2021)

U3AAT members are entitled to attend some JCU courses held at the Cairns campus. JCU is holding its Orientation Day at U3A Cairns at 10am on Monday, 24 January. If any Atherton Tablelands U3A members wish to attend courses, they need to register with the Cairns U3A Course Coordinator to attend on 24 January. Her details are below.

U3A Cairns will also be following instructions from U3A Network that all members and tutors must be double vaccinated.

Elaine Waters

Course Coordinator, coursecoord.u3acairnsinc@gmail.com

Phone 4041 2864

Adding your vaccination Digital Certificate to your smartphone (posted 25 Nov 2021, updated 13 Dec 2021)

From Friday 17th December,  you won’t be able to go far without proving you have been fully vaccinated.  YOU HAVE BEEN OF COURSE!

Under the Government’s definitions, we are obliged to comply with the mandate to only allow the fully vaccinated to attend our events. We therefore need to see proof of vaccination status before entry is granted to any event, including the open day. So you can either carry around a printed copy of your vaccination certificate, or add a digital copy to your smartphone.

There are a number of ways of doing this. I have added a Tech Tip with instructions on how to add your digital certificate to the Check In Qld app. If you have Google Pay or Apple Wallet on your phone, you can also add the certificate to these, with a shortcut on your home page. I have also added instructions on how to add your partner’s and anyone else’s digital vaccination certificate to your phone.

I recommend using the check in app because you have to open it anyway, and it will show a white tick against a green background against your name if you have been fully vaccinated and added the digital certificate to the app. Your frequent guest’s names will also have a tick beside their names after you add their digital certificates to your phone. Just touch the name to display the certificate.

Don’t forget to update the Check In app first.

New COVID Rules for Going Out in Qld (posted 13 Nov 21)

From 17th December, all staff and patrons of licenced premises and hospitality venues in Queensland will have to be fully vaccinated against Covid. That means you won’t be allowed entry to pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and the like unless you have had two or more jabs. Ditto for visits to aged care facilities, hospitals, theatres, dances, football matches, indoor and outdoor concerts, theme parks, tourist attractions such as reef trips, museums, libraries, etc etc. Basically you may as well stay at home if you haven’t been fully vaccinated.

A summary of the “New Normal” rules can be seen by clicking here.

I suspect these rules will also apply statewide to U3As in the near future.

Updated constitution (posted 31 Aug 2021)

Amendments to our constitution that were passed at the AGM in April have now been approved and added. The updated constitution can be found under the Resources and then Governance tabs.

The updated Strategic Plan is also under this tab.

Must have phone app (posted 29 July 2021)

We had a talk this week from Terry, the Atherton Ambulance Officer In Charge. He Highly recommends everyone install the Emergency Plus app on the home page of your smartphone. It has a button that will dial 000 for you. The very first question the operator will ask you is “Where are you?” this app shows you exactly where you are and has the Latitude and Longitude that you can read out to the operator.

To download the app, go to Play Store if you have an Android phone (Samsung etc) or the App Store if you have an iPhone. Type in Emergency Plus and an orange-yellow app with a plus sign should appear. Install it and have it on your main home page.

Open the app and allow it to access your location. Also allow it to make phone calls. The app will then open and you should see a 000 button, an SES button and a Police button. Under that will be a map with your location and GPS coordinates.

Click on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner and select “More information”. Scroll down and there is a heap more emergency phone numbers, including Crimestoppers, Royal Life Saving, Lifeline and the Poisons Information hotline.

Again, click on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner and open Settings. Increase the size of the GPS numbers (Latitude and longitude) so you can read them easily.

Hope that you never have to use it!