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This page will be updated regularly, so please check back. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay active!

To enrol in any of the courses listed above, click HERE. Otherwise, go to the relevant Courses page from the menu above. Please note that you will not receive a confirmation email when you enrol.  Once you have submitted the enrolment form, just turn up for whatever event you have enrolled in.

Updated constitution (posted 31 Aug 2021)

Amendments to our constitution that were passed at the AGM in April have now been approved and added. The updated constitution can be found under the Resources and then Governance tabs.

The updated Strategic Plan is also under this tab.

Getting of Wisdom cancellation (posted 23 Aug 2021)

The September meeting of the Getting of Wisdom group is cancelled.  The group will next meet in October


Must have phone app (posted 29 July 2021)

We had a talk this week from Terry, the Atherton Ambulance Officer In Charge. He Highly recommends everyone install the Emergency Plus app on the home page of your smartphone. It has a button that will dial 000 for you. The very first question the operator will ask you is “Where are you?” this app shows you exactly where you are and has the Latitude and Longitude that you can read out to the operator.

To download the app, go to Play Store if you have an Android phone (Samsung etc) or the App Store if you have an iPhone. Type in Emergency Plus and an orange-yellow app with a plus sign should appear. Install it and have it on your main home page.

Open the app and allow it to access your location. Also allow it to make phone calls. The app will then open and you should see a 000 button, an SES button and a Police button. Under that will be a map with your location and GPS coordinates.

Click on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner and select “More information”. Scroll down and there is a heap more emergency phone numbers, including Crimestoppers, Royal Life Saving, Lifeline and the Poisons Information hotline.

Again, click on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner and open Settings. Increase the size of the GPS numbers (Latitude and longitude) so you can read them easily.

Hope that you never have to use it!


Cancellation of Italian classes (posted 21 Jun 2021)

Due to low attendee numbers and a lack of interest, the Italian classes have been suspended.  If we can get at least 8 to 10 members interested, the class may resume at a later date.  You can still enrol if you are interested, and a list will be kept until we have enough participants to restart the class.  Enrol under Language and Literature

Qld latest COVID News and restrictions (posted 26 Apr 2021, updated 19 Aug 2021)

The “New Normal” includes flash 3-day lockdowns, travel restrictions and compulsory wearing of a mask. It is almost impossible to keep up with it all. As far as Queenslanders are concerned, the best place to go for the latest correct information is here.

Check In Qld app (posted 26 Mar 2021, updated 1 Apr 2021)

This app will become compulsory for the entire hospitality industry from 1st May, so if you patronise a cafe, club, restaurant , pub and the like, you will need this app. (issued 1 Apr)

Everybody needs to install the Qld government’s Check In Qld app. It is free but not compulsory … yet! The state issued check in app is compulsory in many other states, so if you are going interstate, you need to also download that state’s app. The main differences with the government app and others currently in use is that the government stores the check in information, not the businesses; and the app only works on the government issued QR code. It won’t read any other QR code and other apps won’t read government QR codes!

So if you are using one, don’t delete your other QR code reader just yet.

Still, Check In Qld is very easy to use once set up. Full instructions on how to do so are under Tech Tips. Note there is no “Check Out” option. It is not compulsory to check out of venues, which I find strange considering the government “encourages” businesses to record the period of attendance. Looks like you will be contacted and probably tested and isolated even if you have left the venue before a Covid case arrived.

Note at Room 22, it is not compulsory for us to have electronic records of attendance. We did trial a QR code, but for various reasons wasn’t compatible with our class attendance records. Thus we are using a sign-in book, which we are required to do for insurance purposes as well as for contact tracing.

Vaccinations now available (posted 26 Mar 2021, updated 31 Mar 2021)

Anyone over 70 has probably been contacted by their GP to make an appointment to receive their Covid vaccination.  The annual flu shot is also now available. A few things to remember:

  • the Covid vaccination is free and so is the flu shot to we oldies
  • the Covid vaccine will reduce your chances of catching the virus, but not 100% guaranteed to prevent you from catching it. Almost certainly though, you will not be sick enough to be hospitalised, so you should be vaccinated!
  • you can’t have the flu and Covid shots within two (2) weeks of one another
  • you can’t have the Covid shot if you are feeling unwell. One reason is that all reactions to the injection are being recorded for research purposes and they don’t want any symptoms confused with pre-existing ones. You may be contacted by SMS within the week after receiving the vaccine to see how you are feeling after vaccination.
  • you need two doses of the Covid vaccine and as most of us will be in the 1b group on the priority list, we will be receiving the AustraZenica vaccine. The second dose is given exactly 12 weeks later, although this time period is subject to change.
  • make sure the vaccinator knows beforehand if you have any serious allergies, particularly anaphylaxis, to anything


To find out what you can do to be ready for your COVID-19 vaccine, really good information can be seen by clicking here. For example, your Medicare records need to be up to date. I also highly recommend reading the Consent Form beforehand. It can be read here.

Remember your Covid vaccination will be recorded in your immunisation history which is accessible on your smartphone. Read the Tech Tips to see how.

If you have any other queries or concerns, the National Coronavirus and COVID-19 vaccine helpline is 1800 020 080