Before you can participate in any of our U3AAT courses, you will need to become a financial member.  Annual membership fee is $25 per person (1st January 2022 to 31st December 2022).  The annual membership fee entitles you to enrol in any number of courses run under the auspices of U3A Atherton Tablelands.

Whilst we would like to accept every member into the classes of their choice, sometimes this is not possible.  Some classes fill up quickly and waiting lists are formed. If you change your mind about attending a class or no longer wish to attend a class, please send a message to the Course Co-ordinator by using the online enrolment form as mentioned or emailing directly to  This may allow another member to attend.

U3AAT Course Enrolment:
To view details of the courses on offer, please go to the Calendar and click on any topic of interest.  You then need to enrol by clicking on the Enrolment information which will return you to this page. Rather than filling in separate forms for each course, you may enrol in any number of classes simply by selecting them from the drop-down list.  Note you can register for any course at any time before the course starts. There is no registration day for courses.

Other non-U3AAT courses:
We have a policy of not competing with other community groups and organisations that are offering courses suitable for U3AAT members. The Atherton Tablelands has active computer clubs, for example. First Aid courses are another example. When known, we will provide course information and contact details for these. Enrolment responsibility in these courses resides with the individual.

Course Enrolment Form:

Add your phone number for faster notification of course changes.