TalksĀ on community concerns and Ethics

Friday Forum - a Variety of Talks

Hosted by Barb Whybird

A new series of talks for 2018.
1st Friday of each month at 10am, commencing Friday, 2nd February, 2017.Room 22, Atherton Community Centre, 42 Mabel Street, AthertonEnrol
Friday, 2nd February: What is a good life?
Friday, 2nd March: How is personal conflict best resolved? (example if you have one)
Friday, 6th April: Welfare: Should it be means tested?
Friday, 4th May: Life Imprisonment -v- Death Penalty.
Friday, 1st June: What have you learnt from life so far?
Friday, 6th July: TBA
Friday, 3rd August:
Friday, 7th September: TBA
Friday, 5th October: TBA
Friday 2nd November: TBA
Friday 7th December: TBA

The Getting of Wisdom

Hosted by David Turnbull

Further talks on major thinkers from Greek antiquity. We will trace the differences of approach taken by these philosophers down to the present day, particularly in relation to ethics. We will then open up the discussion to enable comparing approaches to the getting and attainment of wisdom advocated by a range of other historical and cultural groups (e.g. Hebrew, Roman, Christian, Taoist, Confucian, Buddhist, Indigenous). If you have any input about Greek and other ancient or modern cultures, please bring it along for discussion.
All are welcome to come along and join in.First meeting will be 10am, Tuesday 7th March. Then as follows:Room 22, Atherton Community Centre, 42 Mabel Street, AthertonEnrol
Please bear with us with the changing times but we will eventually have these sessions on 1st Wed of each month at 10am.Wed 4th April at 2pm
Wed 2nd May at 2pm
Wed 6th June at 2pm
Wed 4th July at 10am
Wed 1st Aug at 10am
Wed 5th Sept at 2pm
Wed 3rd Oct at 10am
Wed 7th Nov at 10am
Wed 5th Dec at 10am
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