Talks on community concerns and Ethics

Friday Forum - a Variety of Talks

Hosted by Barb Whybird

A new series of talks for 2017.
1st Friday of each month at 10am, commencing Friday, 3rd February, 2017.Room 22, Atherton Community Centre, 42 Mabel Street, AthertonEnrol
Friday, 3rd February: Whatever Happened to Respect?
Friday, 3rd March: Anger in Society.
Friday, 7th April: Are we Developing an Australian Culture?
Friday, 5th May: Obesity in the Modern World.
Friday, 2nd June: Relationship between health, wealth & happiness.
Friday, 1st July: Does our political system work?
Friday, 4th August:
Capital and Corporal Punishment.
Friday, 8th September: Bullying!
(changed from 1st September)
Friday, 6th October: What Sort of World are we leaving to our Grandchildren?
Friday 3rd November: Political Correctness?
Friday 1st December: What is Truth?

The Getting of Wisdom

Hosted by David Turnbull

Further talks on major thinkers from Greek antiquity. We will trace the differences of approach taken by these philosophers down to the present day, particularly in relation to ethics. We will then open up the discussion to enable comparing approaches to the getting and attainment of wisdom advocated by a range of other historical and cultural groups (e.g. Hebrew, Roman, Christian, Taoist, Confucian, Buddhist, Indigenous). If you have any input about Greek and other ancient or modern cultures, please bring it along for discussion.
Next meeting Thursday, 28th September at 11am
Then last meeting for 2017 will be 11am on Thursday, 9th November.
No October meeting.
Room 22, Atherton Community Centre, 42 Mabel Street, AthertonEnrol

Italian Long Lunch - Picnic in the Park - Senior's Week

Italian Long Lunch – Picnic in the Park at Tinaroo BBQ Area to celebrate Senior’s Week. Saturday, 11.30am 19th August. Please bring something Italian to share. Either savoury or sweet but please let us know what you are bringing when you RSVP, so we don’t have too many bringing the same thing. Please also bring your own drinks, glasses, chair & hat. Please RSVP.
RSVP to Elspeth Turner 0418 728614 or elspethturner@bigpond.comSaturday, 19th August starting at 11.30am.BBQ Area Tinaroo. We will have an area on the boat ramp road, just past the pontoon on the right. Follow the signs! Enrol

Our Community's All Hazard Disaster Plan

Presented by Sarah Dean from TRC

Despite its almost idyllic lifestyle, the Tablelands region is vulnerable to natural and non-natural hazards which have the potential to create disaster events. Make sure you are ready! By being prepared and informed you can significantly reduce the impacts of disasters to you, your family and your property.
Sarah Dean will cover all aspects of the plan including the Early Warning Network.Wednesday, 25th October at 10amRoom 22, Atherton Community Centre, 42 Mabel Street, AthertonEnrol

Mt. Emerald Wind Farm

Presented by Kim Forde

Ratch Australia is building the $380M Mt Emerald Wind Farm on 2400Ha of private land on the plateau adjacent to the Mt Emerald/ Springmount area. Approx ½ way between Mareeba and Atherton. 5km west of Walkamin. This will supply approx. a third of the power needs of Far North Queensland.
Come along and be informed about Queensland's largest wind farm.Wednesday, 15th November at 10amRoom 22, Atherton Community Centre, 42 Mabel Street, AthertonEnrol
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