Activities for 2018

Culinary Delights

Hosted by various members.

This is a group of 8 members with the common interest of culinary delights. They meet once a month, generally in their own homes to share a culinary delight. It can be a theme for cooking, a recipe or any other topic the group decide.
This group is now full but if you are interested in joining a second group, please enrol and I will start a waitlist and keep you informed.2nd Wednesday of each month, generally at 12 noon for lunch, decided by groupVarious locations Enrol

Lunch with Friends

Co-ordinated by Mary Lyle

This is a group of 8-10 members meeting monthly to share food and friendship at different venues.
We now have a few spots in this group if any member would like to enrol.4th Tuesday of each month at 12 noon - 2pmVarious venues.
For details of the next lunch, please contact Mary on 40965971 or 0418182197.
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