Activities for 2019

Cultural Review Group

Hosted by Bev Masasso

A group for like minded people to review four cultural events throughout 2019:
o Book Review
o Movie Review
o Artistic Exhibition Review
o Live Theatre Review

The format would consist of –
• The reading and review of a book which would take the format of –
o Choosing a book for review at the beginning of the year followed by a review towards the end of the year over coffee
• Attending a chosen movie at some time throughout the year, this would be a movie screened at the Majestic Theatre – followed by a review over lunch or dinner, depending on what suitable
• Attending a Tablelands artistic exhibition followed by lunch or dinner review
• Attend a Tablelands live theatre production followed by either lunch or dinner review.

If you love the Arts, you will enjoy being part of this social group.

The first event for 2019 will be the movie "The Favourite" showing at Majestic Theatre, Malanda at 3.15pm on 2nd March 2019 followed by dinner and review at 6pm at the Malanda HotelEnrol

Exhibition Viewing - "Pics, Portals and Poetry"

Presented by Viviana Verheesen

Come along to view Viviana's Exhibition at 10.00am, Fri 16th August
Morning tea will be provided by TRC. Bookings are absolutely essential, please enrolTRC Pop-Up Gallery at 112 Main Street, AthertonEnrol
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