Activities for 2019

Cultural Review Group

Hosted by Bev Masasso

A group for like minded people to review four cultural events throughout 2019:
o Book Review
o Movie Review
o Artistic Exhibition Review
o Live Theatre Review

The format would consist of –
• The reading and review of a book which would take the format of –
o Choosing a book for review at the beginning of the year followed by a review towards the end of the year over coffee
• Attending a chosen movie at some time throughout the year, this would be a movie screened at the Majestic Theatre – followed by a review over lunch or dinner, depending on what suitable
• Attending a Tablelands artistic exhibition followed by lunch or dinner review
• Attend a Tablelands live theatre production followed by either lunch or dinner review.

If you love the Arts, you will enjoy being part of this social group.

Enquiries: To Jane Mitchell, This group will only continue if we have enough interested members.
Dates throughout 2019 to be determined by suitable cultural eventsVarious venuesEnrol
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