Activities for 2017

Cultural Review Group

Hosted by Bev Masasso

A group for like minded people to review four cultural events throughout 2016:
o Book Review
o Movie Review
o Artistic Exhibition Review
o Live Theatre Review

The format would consist of –
• The reading and review of a book which would take the format of –
o Choosing a book for review at the beginning of the year followed by a review towards the end of the year over coffee
• Attending a chosen movie at some time throughout the year, this would be a movie screened at the Majestic Theatre – followed by a review over lunch or dinner, depending on what suitable
• Attending a Tablelands artistic exhibition followed by lunch or dinner review
• Attend a Tablelands live theatre production followed by either lunch or dinner review.

If you love the Arts, you will enjoy being part of this social group.


Dates throughout 2017 to be determined by suitable cultural eventsVarious venuesEnrol

Unsolved Mysteries

Presented by Ken Cotterill

Ken will conduct four sessions presenting you with all the facts of unsolved crimes and all you amateur sleuths will be able to work out, or not, who did it! These talks of Ken’s are very popular and enjoyed by all.
15th February - Diana: accident or murder?

22nd February - Hillsborough Disaster: culpable murder or one big stuff up?

1st March - Chandler-Bogle mystery: death by the riverside

8th March- 9/11: death from a clear blue sky.
Wednesdays, 10am. 15th & 22nd February and 1st & 8th March.Room 22, Atherton Community CentreEnrol

Australians at the Western Front 1916-1918

Presented by Ken Keith

Australians at the Western Front 1916-18, especially noting the Centenary of 1917 battles at Bullecourt, Messines, Menin Road and Passchendaele.
Centenary dates: Bullecourt 3-17 May; Messines 7-14 June; Menin Road 20-25 September; Passchendaele 4-12 October
The talk traces Australia’s World War I efforts on the Western Front from June 1916 and its contribution to final victory in November 1918. This year marks the Centenary of battles at Bullecourt, Messines, Menin Road and Paschendaele so special mention is made of these. Wednesday, 3rd May at 10amRoom 22, Atherton Community CentreEnrol

Irvinebank Open Day - A Special U3AAT Event

Irvinebank heritage open days and guided tours celebrates the legacy of John Moffat, the founder of Irvinebank and his role in the development of North Queensland.
Walking guided tours include Loudoun House, Irvinebank Mining Company Tramway Station, Loudoun Mill (State Treatment Works), the former Queensland National Bank building and the Irvinebank School of Arts Hall. Many of these building and grounds are not generally open to the public. A rare opportunity for the public to view these historic buildings.
Loudoun Mill (State Treatment Works) tours are limited to 15 people. You will need closed in shoes, hat and water.
Tour is free but if you want lunch - sandwiches, cakes and bikkies with cuppa tea it is $5.00.Sunday, 14th May. Meeting 9.15am at School of Arts Hall, McDonald Street, Irvinebank.IrvinebankEnrol

Cairns Indigenous Art Fair - Excursion by own car

U3AAT is co-ordinating a group to travel down to Cairns to attend this event on the Saturday.
We will be car pooling so you must let Jane know you are joining us.Saturday, 15th July. We are meeting at the Cruise Terminal at 10am. Top of the ramp.Events are in and around Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal.Enrol

Unsolved Mysteries

Presented by Ken Cotterill

13th September - Jack the Ripper, who was he?
20th September - Who really killed Bobby? (Robert Kennedy)
27th September - Maddy McCann, little girl lost!
Strange happenings at Uluru! (Azaria Chamberlain)
Wednesdays 10am.
13th, 20th & 27th September & 4th October.
Room 22, Atherton Community CentreEnrol

The Reformation - still relevant after 500 years

Presented by Robyn Boyd

500 years ago Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses of protests against the Roman Catholic church of the time, and so swept up the turbulent forces of social and theological change already brewing in Europe. The impact was immediate; the repercussions continue down the centuries with the birth of so many different Protestant Churches. This seminar will highlight pivotal features of the Reformation and the key Reformers, and explore the legacy which continues to influence both Church and religious thought (inside and outside the church) today.

Wednesday, 1st November at 10amRoom 22, Atherton Community CentreEnrol
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