Activities for 2017

Hardy Perennials - a morning in a friends garden

A social gardening group that will meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Bring a portable chair & mug, things to share: plants, seeds, green or brown fingers, gardening problems and/or food for morning tea.

Hosted by various members

Hardy Perennials will recommence on Thursday, 9th March, 2017.2nd Thursday of each month at 9.30am at various gardens.Thursday, 9th March:
Cathie Archer's home
9 Bunya Street
The garden is on a house block and when you take into account the shed, bird aviary and wallaby run, there isn't a large garden but I have done a lot to it since moving in March 2015.
Thursday, 13th April:
Sherri Saxton's home
89 Gadgarra Road, Lake Barrine.
My garden is informal and mature. It is a garden that requires exploration and pruning shears!
directions from for example Atherton - Gillies Highway to Wrights Creek Road(right) then left onto Gadgarra Rd...
Note: need chairs and park on Gadgarra Rd
Thursday, 11th May:
Carolyn will host us at Malanda Garden Flowers & Plants, 118 Lake Barrine Road, Malanda. 9.30am start. Carolyn will show us around her gardens, answer questions and give information. More details on what Carolyn does can be seen We will finish around 11am and convene at Malanda Dairy Centre for anyone wishing to have a coffee etc.
Thursday, 8th June at 9.30am.
Visit to Beantree Nursery.
(Obst visit deferred to October as they will be away in June)
Thursday, 13th July at 9.30.
Visit to the gardens of Bob Barkworth, 6 Lynch Street, Malanda. A vegie gardener, Bob will give a talk to us about growing vegies. More details to follow.
Thursday, 10th August at 9.30am at the Lyle residence, 53 Topaz Road, Malanda.
A demonstration of construction & use of wicking beds by Gordon Lyle. Wicking beds seem to be suitable for growing different plants. Currently we have blueberries and herbs doing well in pots and about to finish a large corrugated iron sided vegetable garden.
The garden is a base layer of Quincan with piped water, then a layer of weed mat topped with a good quality garden mix. The bottom layer is filled with water and the plants wick moisture up. There are drainage pipes and filling pipes. Very water efficient and easy to maintain.
Thursday, 14th September:
9.30am start.
A talk by Maurie Damon on Without Bees you will be Hungry.
How about a nice cup of coffee ?
thank a bee for that
A dash of milk ?
Thank bees for that
A little salad ?
Thank bees for that
A juicy piece of fruit ?
thank bees for that

Maurie will probably bring a observation bee hive & no they cant get out !
Venue is Ken & Dawn Schaffer's home:
466 Hillcrest Road, (Jaggan) Malanda. Hillcrest Rd. Is the one that is nearly adjacent to the Malanda Lodge Motel. You can take the scenic route that way and it is about 4.4kms but it is a single lane road and 466 is near the end of it on the right. The easiest way is to turn off at Clarke’s Track (just near the Jaggan Hall) and Hillcrest Road is 2nd on the left (just past Pelling Close). 466 is 2nd on the left after you turn into Hillcrest Road. There are usually plenty of places to park.
Thursday, 12th October at 9.30am.
Terry & Maria Obst will show & explain their composting system. Please bring your plate of morning tea to share.
Our property is called ‘Tranquil Valley’. A large sign with our surname T & M Obst together with the property name is at the entrance at the top of our driveway. Our address is RN42 Foxwell Road Kureen (Malanda). Foxwell Road is easily accessed off the Malanda Atherton Road.

Tranquil Valley Farm:
A 7acre property lovingly replanted and restored over the last 5 years. Our property now incorporates a native food forest, land for wildlife, pastures, fruit trees, ornamental and vegetable gardens, chickens and steers. We are transforming Tranquil Valley Farm to an old fashioned holistic farm incorporating Organic, Biodynamic and Permaculture principles. Other items of interest within our property include wildlife, art projects, leadlighting, woodworking and wine/beer making. Our aim is to contribute first hand to our existence as we age and to create a working structure around us that will support us and others spiritually and physically. Our ideal retirement property!

Thursday, 9th November at 9.30am.
Elizabeth Hamilton-Shaw's home, 1 Eacham Place, Yungaburra, virtually on the roundabout but parking is available on the footpath in Mulgrave Road.
This will be our final meeting for the year. Please bring some Xmas goodies to share.
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