Talks for 2019

Leaping Lemurs

Presented by Alison Faigniez

The Trials and Aspirations of a Wildlife Photographer in Madagascar
Wednesday, 10th April, 10.00amRoom 22, Atherton Community Centre, 42 Mabel Street, Atherton

Land of Drought & Flooding Rains – Australia’s Water Resources

Presented by David Jones

Why is Australia constantly lurching between droughts and floods? Implications for water supply and demands.
Wednesday, 24th April, 2019.Room 22, Atherton Community Centre, 42 Mabel Street, Atherton

Visit to the Agricultural Department of the Atherton State High School

Presented by Tracey Fitzgerald, Agriculture/Science Teacher

Come along and see what is involved for the Certificate II in Animal Studies students. We will have a tour of the facilities plus a look at their vegetable garden.
Meeting place to be advised.Monday, 12th August at 12.30pm to 1.15pmAgricultural Depart of Atherton State High School.Enrol

In search of the North West Passage - today's new challenges

Presented by Trish & Andrew Forsyth

The Northwest Passage sea route connecting the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans has captivated explorers for centuries. With the effects of the climate change in the Arctic, new challenges emerge as the route opens up. The ecosystems are changing, as are the lives of the wildlife and indigenous Inuit people. The economic and geopolitical effects are also considerable. We'll chat about our voyage through this region in 2018 and the impact of those changes
Wednesday 22nd May, at 10amRoom 22, Atherton Community Centre, 42 Mabel Street, Atherton

Spotlighting Tour - Mt Hypipamee Crater

Led by Bill Bray

Postponed to later in the year
Bring along a plate of food to share at 6pm, followed by a spotlighting tour at the Crater - meet at the car park, or just come along at 7pm for the tour if you preferEnrol
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