Talks for 2018.

Where the Wild Things Are

Presented by Helen Irvine

Helen's nature trip to Sabah, Borneo
Tuesday, 10am 20th February 2018Room 22, Atherton Community Centre, 42 Mabel Street, Atherton

'The Subantarctic Islands of Australia and New Zealand

Presented by Trish Forsyth

What was going to be a trip to the Subantarctic Islands (including Macquarie Is) to see the wildlife, turned out to be so much more for Trish. She was so impressed with the work done by both the NZ and Aust teams in eradicating pests from the islands and the results of that, that it has become a major focus for her when chatting about the trip.
The eradication of introduced pest species on these islands results in the flourishing of native plant and animal species, luxuriant mega-herbs and grasses, endemic bird species and increasing populations of penguins and seals.
Tuesday, 10am, 17th AprilRoom 22, Atherton Community Centre, 42 Mabel Street, Atherton

Wildlife and Challenges Facing National Parks in Ethiopia

Presented by Alison Faigniez

Alison has recently returned from a tour exploring the mountain valleys and Rift Valley lakes of Ethiopia. It is a country of contrasts, with tensions between the high population and its unique environment and wildlife evident to the visitor. This presentation represents the landscape, the wildlife, the people and the challenges facing them.
Tuesday, 10am, 24th AprilRoom 22, Atherton Community Centre, 42 Mabel Street, Atherton

Spotlighting Tour

Presented by Bill Bray

Join us for an easy walking spotlighting tour in Mt Hypipamee National Park (the Crater). Most of our rainforest mammals are nocturnal and the only way to see them is to search for them in the rainforest canopy is with a good spotlight. Whilst enjoying the upland rainforest at night time with its luminous fungi, flashing fireflies and amazing night sounds we will be looking for rare endemic possums, pademelons, geckoes, owls and tree kangaroos. The tour will be on the paved paths and roadway so is suitable for all of us. Bring your binoculars and a small torch. The tour starts at 7pm but some of us will be coming early at 6pm for a casual picnic dinner (lanterns required). The tour is lead by Bill Bray an experienced (if rusty) spotlighting guide. The tour is limited to 20.
Saturday, 12th May, commencing at 6pm for picnic lunch and then 7pm for tour.Mt Hypipamee National Park (the Crater). Enrol

Hydraulic Fracturing –What’s all the fuss about?

Presented by David Jones

The most common question I am asked about this topic is: “is it as bad as they say it is?” In this presentation the technologies used for the extraction of onshore gas, which includes hydraulic fracturing for deep shale gas, will be explained. The potential risks to the environment will also be addressed in the context of international experience, especially from the USA. Also touched on will be the social, cultural and economic issues associated with a gas industry.

Thursday, 14th June at 10am.Room 22, Atherton Community Centre, 42 Mabel Street, Atherton

Yellow-bellied gliders in the Atherton/Ravenshoe area - community involvement

Presented by John Winter

John is conducting a census of the yellow-bellied glider population on the Atherton Tablelands. He will present what is currently known about these cuddly little creatures and is seeking community help in conducting surveys of the local and Ravenshoe populations.
Thursday, 5th July at 10am. Room 22, Atherton Community Centre, 42 Mabel Street, Atherton

All about bees and their role in the world

Presented by Maurie Damon

Thursday, 9th August at 10am Room 22, Atherton Community Centre, 42 Mabel Street, Atherton

Astronomy and Astrophysics Talk

Presented by David Platz

In 2010, Atherton SHS teacher David Platz designed an online ‘Student Informed Learning Management System’ (SILMS) to trial online education through a project he and staff at two universities have been working on since 2004, the “Online College of Advanced STEM” (OCAS). In 2012, OCAS started delivering online courses in Astronomy and Astrophysics to eight students, and today boasts more than 100 students across three states. The online college now offers five accredited full-year university facilitated courses, delivering independent self-paced learning to high-performing secondary students. Students can access unprecedented career and research opportunities through OCAS with leaders in their field, including projects linked to Harvard and NASA. Tuesday, 16th October at 10.00amRoom 22, Atherton Community Centre, 42 Mabel Street, Atherton

Tree Kangaroo Rehabilitation

Presented by Margit Cianelli

Margit has been tendering to injured tree kangaroos for a long time. Just like many animals, the future of the Tree Kangaroo species is threatened by deforestation, busy roads & wild dogs. Come along and learn more about their rehabilitation.
Thursday, 29th November at 10amRoom 22, Atherton Community Centre, 42 Mabel Street, Atherton
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