Travel presentations for 2022

"London to Kathmandu, Asian overlands in the 70's"

Presented by Bill Bray

In the 1970's Bill Bray was living in London working as a courier (guide) on Camping Tours around Europe when he was offered a job as a Driver/Guide on London to Kathmandu overland tours. So for the next few years, Bill drove trucks and guided tours on a 77day tour using ex Army trucks taking about 22 passengers on either London to Kathmandu or the reverse Kathmandu to London. Bill did this until wars broke out in Iran & Afghanistan forcing him to stay in Kathmandu. This presentation is the first of 2 presentations, the second on 24th August is on living and working in Nepal (An Icecream parlour in Kathmandu"
Wednesday 20th July at 10am
(Please note that these presentations are being repeated (they were given by Bill a number of years ago)
Rm 22 at Atherton Community Centre, 24 Mabel St, AthertonEnrol

"An Icecream parlour in Kathmandu"

Bill Bray was operating during the 1970’s Asian Overland Tours from London to Kathmandu and reverse. When these dried up due to wars and conflicts in numerous countries Bill decided to stop in Kathmandu. So from December ‘79 until late ‘81 Bill and his girlfriend Kate lived and worked in Nepal and travelled around Nepal, India, Sikkim and Bhutan looking for work opportunities, finally settling back in Kathmandu and opening a Restaurant and Icecream Parlour. This is his story.
Wednesday, 24th August at 10amRm 22 at Atherton Community Centre, 24 Mabel St, AthertonEnrol