The U3A Atherton Tablelands provides a range of activities and events. We ask members to register to attend these activities so we know firstly that members are interested in it and worth continuing -not cancelling. Secondly some activities require minimum numbers. Presenters may print handouts so need to know numbers. Similarly, numbers are often required for catering and transport reasons.

All ongoing activities are called “Classes”. Everything else, including most talks and social occasions, are also called “Classes”. All are listed under the 2024 Program tab.

Attending Classes

Immediately under the heading Classes are subject headings. Select whichever subject interests you and any “classes” under that subject will appear. You can also select a day of the week and classes scheduled for that day will appear. Note if no classes are scheduled for a particular subject then that subject will not appear. 

Click on the class of interest to see an outline of the course and an opportunity to attend it by enrolling. Please enrol because a class could be cancelled if there are insufficient enrolments. Note also that you only need to enrol once in these continuing classes. 

Just click on the Enrol Now button and follow the prompts. Notice you can enrol in more than one class at a time. After entering your email address, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your details to complete your enrolment. Please note you need to enter your email address correctly and it has to match your email in our records. If you have changed your email, please notify the Membership Manager membershipu3aat@athtablandsadmin. If you do not have an email address, you will need to contact the Courses Coordinator directly, for example by using the Contact Us form.

Don’t forget to complete the confirmation email. Otherwise you are not registered to attend. Simply tick the box if your other details are correct, such as your mobile number, and click on Confirm as per below.


To view the current program and to make your choices, click this link:  2024 Program