Welcome to the University of the Third Age (U3A) on the beautiful Atherton Tablelands!

But what exactly is the Third Age?

Life can be roughly divided into four stages, with the first three spanning approximately 20 to 25 years each. Let’s explore them:

  1. First Age: During this phase, we experience growth and development under the guidance of our family and community. Education is primarily formalised as we acquire the life skills necessary for adulthood.

  2. Second Age: This is the age of achievement. We strive to establish careers, build families, and contribute to our communities. It’s a time when we earn our place in society and seek status and security.

  3. Third Age: Now, we enter the age of fulfillment. Here, we reflect on what truly matters to us—what we may have overlooked during our busy years. The Third Age offers opportunities to complete any missing pieces in our hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits.

  4. Fourth Age: As we reach the final stage of earthly life, it becomes a time of completion. We can revel in the fullness of our lives, ideally without regrets, and prepare ourselves for whatever lies beyond.

Is U3A Really a University?

In a way, yes! Think of it in the medieval sense: “a community of teachers and learners, a place where information is exchanged.” While U3A has links with James Cook University in Cairns, there are no entry requirements, exams, degrees, or awards. It’s a place where lifelong learners come together and share experiences. Our “university” is run entirely by dedicated volunteers. Our motto is, “Live and Learn!”

Explore our U3A Atherton Tablelands branch (U3AAT) website, stay updated on our U3AAT Facebook noticeboard, and enjoy our entertaining and informative newsletters. From literature studies to health and wellbeing, U3AAT offers a diverse range of courses, talks, activities and events. One-off talks, trips, workshops and social occasions are called “Events“. All ongoing (recurring) activities such as walking, mahjong, tai chi, book clubs, lunch with friends, garden tours, photography classes and the like are listed as “Classes” under the “2024 Program” tab. Please register your attendance in any  event or class. Instructions are under the “How to Attend” tab. To attend any of our activities, you need to be a member. Simply fill out the online application under the “Membership Form” tab. A membership form also pops up when you are enrolling in a Class and you have answered No to the membership question.

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