Hover the mouse over any course of interest and information will pop up. Click on it for further information such as venue, a map of the location and any further upcoming dates. To change months, click the right or left arrows. To return to the current month, simply click “today”. Colours denote the different categories, e.g. pink is Dance and Exercise. Select a category to show if any courses are in that month. If blank, then none are scheduled. To print, use the Windows snipping tool or Print Screen function on your computer. Google if you don’t know how. Shrink the screen to view the full calendar first (hold down Ctrl and push – button to shrink, + button to enlarge).

For enrolment information, including a course enrolment form, please CLICK HERE.

For those who know what it is and how to use it, click 😀 to download an ICal (.ics) file to add events to your calendar.

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