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Events in May 2024

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28 April, 2024
29 April, 2024
30 April, 2024
1 May, 2024(1 event)

1 May, 2024

Hosted by David Turnbull

Further talks on major thinkers from Greek antiquity. We will trace the differences of approach taken by these philosophers down to the present day, particularly in relation to ethics. We will then open up the discussion to enable comparing approaches to the getting and attainment of wisdom advocated by a range of other historical and cultural groups (e.g. Hebrew, Roman, Christian, Taoist, Confucian, Buddhist, Indigenous). If you have any input about Greek and other ancient or modern cultures, please bring it along for discussion.

Glyn Davies Room (Room 22)
42 Mabel Street
Room 22
Atherton, Qld 4883
2 May, 2024
3 May, 2024(1 event)

3 May, 2024

Hosted by Barbara Whybird

Barb hosts a lively discussion about a different topic on the first Friday each month at 10am in Glyn Davies Room (Room 22).  The discussion topic are as follows for the next three months.

April - "Green Washing"

May - "Amazing Animal Stories"

June - "We Are Not All in the Same Boat"

Glyn Davies Room (Room 22)
42 Mabel Street
Room 22
Atherton, Qld 4883
4 May, 2024
5 May, 2024
6 May, 2024
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