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Events in March 2023

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26 February, 2023
27 February, 2023
28 February, 2023(1 event)

10:30 am: Meeting to plan art and craft exhibition

28 February, 2023

Meeting for those wishing to participate in the upcoming exhibition at the Atherton Library.

Glyn Davies Room (Room 22)
42 Mabel Street
Room 22
Atherton, Qld 4883
1 March, 2023
2 March, 2023
3 March, 2023
4 March, 2023
5 March, 2023
6 March, 2023
7 March, 2023(1 event)

10:30 am: Talk - Life 73 degrees North on Baffin Island

7 March, 2023

Tim Trehearn and his wife Mary Frances left Cairns in 1989 to teach on Baffin Island in Canada. They spent two years in Arctic Bay which lies at 73 degrees north and it is dark there for three months of the year. The community of 500 Inuit people still hunt caribou, seal and narwhale for food and skins. Global warming has caused many changes to their traditional way of life with polar bears being particularly affected.

Glyn Davies Room (Room 22)
42 Mabel Street
Room 22
Atherton, Qld 4883
8 March, 2023
9 March, 2023
10 March, 2023
11 March, 2023
12 March, 2023
13 March, 2023
14 March, 2023
15 March, 2023
16 March, 2023
17 March, 2023
18 March, 2023
19 March, 2023
20 March, 2023
21 March, 2023
22 March, 2023(1 event)

10:00 am: Talk - the gardens of East and West Canada

22 March, 2023

Raye and Colm travelled to Canada in 2022.  In their first presentation they will discuss the Buchart and Mosaic Cultures in Quebec.  They stumbled across the mosaic culture while in Quebec and it was spectacular, a real highlight of the trip. Buchart gardens is a must too in Victoria- our weeds are their perennials.

Glyn Davies Room (Room 22)
42 Mabel Street
Room 22
Atherton, Qld 4883
23 March, 2023
24 March, 2023
25 March, 2023
26 March, 2023
27 March, 2023
28 March, 2023
29 March, 2023(1 event)

10:00 am: Talk - Planes, trains, boats, buses and automobiles across Canada and North America

29 March, 2023

Raye and Colm Gillen continue their talks on their recent travels with a description of their adventures traversing North America and Canada. They don’t always go where most tourists do! They saw the good, bad and the ugly - even got offered drugs on the street and found it interesting that the Wild West is in Canada.

Glyn Davies Room (Room 22)
42 Mabel Street
Room 22
Atherton, Qld 4883
30 March, 2023
31 March, 2023
1 April, 2023