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Events in March 2023

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26 February, 2023
27 February, 2023
28 February, 2023
1 March, 2023(1 event)

10:00 am: Talk - The Getting of Wisdom

1 March, 2023

Hosted by David Turnbull

Further talks on major thinkers from Greek antiquity. We will trace the differences of approach taken by these philosophers down to the present day, particularly in relation to ethics. We will then open up the discussion to enable comparing approaches to the getting and attainment of wisdom advocated by a range of other historical and cultural groups (e.g. Hebrew, Roman, Christian, Taoist, Confucian, Buddhist, Indigenous). If you have any input about Greek and other ancient or modern cultures, please bring it along for discussion.

Glyn Davies Room (Room 22)
42 Mabel Street
Room 22
Atherton, Qld 4883
2 March, 2023(1 event)

1:00 pm: Talk - The Miniature World of Bugs, Fungi and All Things Macro

2 March, 2023

Bridgette Gower grew up on a farm near a small rural town in NSW. Being surrounded by nature she developed a great appreciation of the natural world from a very young age.Over the years her love of wildlife, conservation and photography grew. She travelled around the world to experience and learn about the wildlife and habitat of many countries.

This spirit of discovery and adventure took her to see such magical places as Antarctica where she was a crew member on the Sea Shepherd vessel MV Steve Irwin, to defend whales against the annual Japanese Whale Hunt. Her photos are still featured on the Sea Shepherd website.

Bridgette has also explored India, Thailand, Belize, Honduras, USA, Chile, Fiji, Egypt, Sumatra, Bali, China, UAE, New Zealand, Mexico, Guatemala all in the name of discovery and adventure.

Over the past two years Bridgette has dedicated every spare minute to finding, photographing and identifying some of the world's smallest animals. She is lucky to live near the Cairns Botanic Gardens where she spent countless hours in search of the many hidden treasures.Her 1000 plus hours spent in the gardens has allowed her to become aware of many host plants and locations for a variety of caterpillars, cocoons, moths and butterflies, leaf, tree and planthoppers, praying mantis, jumping spiders, tortoise beetles, damselflies and dragonflies, and a variety of frogs.

This talk and discussion will appeal not just to photographers but anyone with an interest in nature, travel and adventure. See the flyer and calendar for more information. Please enrol as afternoon tea is included and Des would like numbers.

Glyn Davies Room (Room 22)
42 Mabel Street
Room 22
Atherton, Qld 4883
3 March, 2023(1 event)

10:00 am: Friday Forum - a discussion group on current affairs

3 March, 2023

Hosted by Barb Whybird

Barb hosts a lively discussion about a different topic on the first Friday each month at 10am in Glyn Davies Room (Room 22).    Our first topic is "Is climate change the biggest threat to mankind?"

Glyn Davies Room (Room 22)
42 Mabel Street
Room 22
Atherton, Qld 4883
4 March, 2023
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