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10:00 am: A Zoom seminar - Technology available to support independent living. How do I make my home a Smart Home.

17 July, 2024

There are a bewildering number of smart devices available that can do just about anything in your home - yes, even the cooking and cleaning! Besides the well known actions such as turning the lights, radio, TV, air conditioning/heater on or off on a schedule or by voice command, you can also do the same with a vacuum cleaner, coffee machine, blinds, doors, security cameras, even a lawn mower! You can buy a fridge that can show you a video on how to cook what's inside and even do the shopping for you!!! Then there are smart air fryers and even a smart Webber barbecue! The list is endless.

This seminar by U3A Victoria will explain what is available to support independent living by making life easier, and how to put it all together.

Glyn Davies Room (Room 22)
42 Mabel Street
Room 22
Atherton, Qld 4883
18 July, 2024
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